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Verbali Open Campania del 18/10/18

Sono stati pubblicati due nuovi verbali relativi al progetto Open Campania:  verbale seduta pubblica commissione 9-10-2018, verbale seduta pubblica 9-10-2018 soccorso istruttorio.  Leggi qui -->>

Chiusura temporanea Girolamini

Il Complesso Monumentale dei Girolamini sarà chiuso al pubblico fino al 4 novembre 2018. I lavori in corso prevedono il trasferimento e l’allestimento della Quadreria dei Girolamini in nuovi spazi, gli ambulacri adiacenti la Biblioteca statale oratoriana.

The first floor

The first floor was reserved for the private apartment of Princess Pignatelli. Due to the work carried out in the early 1960s to convert the building into a museum, few traces remain of the original decoration of Guglielmo Bechi, except for the boudoir, the study and the personal bathroom of Prince Diego.

The boudoir was the most important room of the private apartment where Princess Rosina Pignatelli spent her free time with a few friends listening to classical music from her vast record collection. The room, which is about 40 square metres, was furnished with sofas, armchairs and empire style furniture: the most outstanding pieces included a wall bureau, two secretary desks and a round table with an inlaid marble top. The walls covered in damask wallpaper were adorned with two large wall mirrors and there was a marble fireplace on which the record collection was displayed.

The Princess spent most of her time in the small study which had a single view and a white marble fireplace. The furniture, generally made of dark wood, gave the room a cosy yet rather austere atmosphere. This was enhanced by the book collection – including classics of Italian, French and ancient Roman literature – and numerous photographs displayed both on the walls and the furniture.

Prince Diego’s personal bathroom is a large sunny room and the two balconies give it an airy feel. The large bathtub made of Carrara marble is ornately decorated with marine motifs: two tritons hold up the Pignatelli coat of arms and the decoration is completed with shells. A large mirror overlooks the counter top with two inset basins and two separate taps adorned by decorative nozzles. The current arrangement also includes the bathtub from the Princess’ Bathroom (which no longer exists) which was on the same floor.


1 Primo Piano Boudoir   2 Studiolo   3 Bagno del principe



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